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Millions of people use to stay organized and get more done. It’s a FREE to-do list, calendar, and reminders app all-in-one. "A MUST HAVE APP" on every Android device (NYTimes, USA TODAY, WSJ & Lifehacker).

People use to add & track tasks, set reminders, create smart lists, plan their day and collaborate on shared projects, minus the typical hassle & costs.

- USA today

▸ Add tasks and manage shared projects

▸ Label to-do’s with colors to set priorities & categories

▸ Organize tasks under lists

▸ Prioritize tasks on your checklist with a daily planner

▸ Add & review to-do’s instantly with a home-screen widget

- Complex

▸ Set classic reminders for one-time events

▸ Add recurring reminders for repeating activities, appointments & events

▸ Use location-based reminders to be notified when you hit specific destinations

▸ Get missed call reminders so you never forget to call back

▸ Receive follow-up reminders for meetings to handle important action items

- Wall Street Journal

▸ Manage your time more intelligently with simultaneous overview of calendar events and tasks

▸ Quickly scroll through days to browse tasks & events

▸ Add to-do list items & calendar events from a single view

- The Muse

▸ Quickly prioritize to-do’s to achieve your most important goals

▸ Get less-important tasks rescheduled automatically

▸ Get today’s plan done at any time you choose

- Forbes

▸ Get grocery list items auto-sorted by aisles

▸ Get personal shopping recommendations

▸ Collaborate on grocery lists with friends & family

▸ Create multiple shopping lists for your favorite stores

▸ Auto-receive the grocery list when entering the supermarket

- Guiding Tech

▸ Manage your to-do list with Alexa

▸ Get more done with Google Assistant

▸ Save time using with Siri

▸ Add tasks from Slack

- NYTimes

▸ Work fluidly on any Android & iOS device

▸ Manage your tasks comfortably on both PC & Mac

▸ Get your to-do list done remotely with Apple Watch & Android Wear

▸ Boost productivity on the web with Chrome & Firefox extensions

- Lifehacker

▸ Add tasks hands-free with your voice

▸ Dictate new events

▸ Request today’s agenda remotely

▸ Use your voice to manage your to-do list

- PCmag

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Rajesh Markapuram 2 years ago

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This is not a free app, any one tell me if this app is available for free

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Snapdeal Offers 3 years ago

Reply to Aptoide Bot

DOWNLOAD SNAPDEAL APP in your smartphone and use invite code cVdj139047 and get up to Rs 500+ Rs 50 as freecharge cashback.

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Marck 3 years ago

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Hola, me encanta esta aplicacion... organiza todas mis reuniones o citas, dias que en los los que tengo que tomar pastilla cosas similares. Para mi, la mejor aplicacion para orgabizar tu vida

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afreen 5 years ago

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im a medical student....with almost no time to spare... this apk helps alot with organizing work and time saving..thanks

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irish_driver 5 years ago

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Works on my CURTIS KLU tablet running ANDROID 4.04 - looks nice, thank you

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